In the new version there will be fullscreen option for preview! you can use ‘F’ key to toggle fullscreen or use the button situated at the bottom of the file! 😉

It still have some issues in some computers that it goes into fullscreen modes but suddenly it exits its mode and gets still maximized… I keep looking and hope I find why it happens

I hope in this new version I’ll add the iFont plugins that renders the ttf fonts and show a preview of them.

If I can add mouse interaction it will be a  major update.

REQUEST: I need a good looking scrollbar (bar and arrows) to put down and scroll the files with it (like quicklook) so if anyone of you wants to send me some images I’ll be very happy!!

See you!

Gloobus, First Post


This is my new post, I’ll be writing here the news about the project and some other things, questions.. polls etc.. I hope you give me the feedback I need

I put here some useful links about this project:

Launchpad page: http://launchpad.net/gloobus