Gloobus 0.025 is out!

Hy people!

The new version of gloobus is now out! you can download it from here:

In this version I’ve added some new features like fullscreen in preview (there is an icon tho make it fullscreen or you can use F key)

I’ve also added scrollbar arrows in gloobus, now you can interact with gloobus with the mouse, and if you clik between the arrows it will show you the file in that position (using percentages)

I hope you try it and tell me what you think about, new ideas, bugs and everything you can imagine

Here is a video about this new release!

By the way, I’ve seen macslow work and its really awesome!! I’ll take a look at his code and try to make “preview” using this gtk widget and gtkglext libraries, if everything works well I’ll try to add it on gloobus too, I have no experience with gtk so if anyone of you wants to give me a hand…

Well, this is all for now. I’ll post the news as soon as I have 😉

See you!