File pressed

I’ve been developing the photo pressed function, this is what goes to the file cliked, it still needs to be improved cause there are some minor things that still don’t work as I want…

You can download it from the bzr in launchpad!

See you!


7 comentarios el “File pressed

  1. Guillermo dice:

    Congratulations for your great job. The implementation of quicklook is fast and works fine, although it has only a few features right now.

    Is it implemented a function for moving along the directory tree? You know, look inside a folder and then go back… Maybe it would be interesting using [UP] and [DOWN] keys…

    Congratulations again… and thanks!

  2. jang dice:

    Thanks for your work.
    If you could add support to folder.jpg files, or at least checking the folder for images and using one of those for the preview, it would be great.
    I also think directory browsing would be great. backspace, esc or arrows would work well.

  3. myroot dice:

    Can I access to your source code ( svn or cvs ).
    I wonder this project. but i can’t find out information about implementation.

  4. Yes, directory browser is in the list of new features! ;), now for quit you can use the “Q” key, you can add bugs or fetaures in launchpad page

    Thanks for comments!

  5. Fcojav dice:

    Hi, congratulations for your work.
    I have a problem. Today use to 0.025 version of gloobus, but make error with compiz in ubuntu hardy 32 bits.
    The images (photo jpg) look cut and freeze for a moments.
    How can fix it?


  6. Paul dice:


    I’m running ubuntu 8.10 64-bit and I can’t seem to get the preview to work.

    I followed the Nautilus Actions Configurations you had listed on your answers section of the launchpad page. If I right click on a file and select preview it does nothing. If I’m in gooblus coverview and I right click the window goes all black. Coverview seems to work fine for paging left to right by clicking on the arrows.

    Am I missing something or is this a possible bug?

    Any help would be appreciated. I really like the program so far.
    If you want me to send some screenshots let me know.



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