New Preview Application

Hi everybody!!

After a long period of time without working on gloobus (other projects I had to carry on), I’ve finally found time to work on it againt.

But there are a lot of surprises, first one: NEW PREVIEW APPLICATON!

I’ve decided to rewrite preview and use gtk cairo and maybe gtkglext, but here comes the problem.. the plugins must br rewrited as well for this new envoirment… anyway, anybody else than me has coded anythings so there will be no problem!

The benefiets, well, I hope a lot! less cpu and memory hungry (handled by gtk) easy plugin development!! yes, I hope that I can manage to create plugins without knowing opengl.

I’ve planned to create main classes, image, document, text, music, movie, and each class will ask for some specific functions to the plugins, these way, the plugins won’t have to handle the intereface issues, everything handled by preview funciton itself.

I’m still looking on how to bind a key to launch preview from nautilus.. if any of you know about or know someone who knows about…

I would like to give thanks to DBO and Cimi from gnome-do irc since they helped me a lot in how to start doing this new interface…

In a while I’ll post here about a new plugin called.. VisualID thanks to the collaboration of Joshua!!

you can start searching the web and see what is this about


3 comentarios el “New Preview Application

  1. Pierre dice:

    Looks definitely awesome. Is using Cairo less desktop-agnostic ? Does it mean heavier CPU load and less hardware acceleration ? I have no clue about it, but it seems both are important.

  2. Thanks,
    about performance, it really improves it, now, there is no a loop redrawing each time, it is only drawed when changed, and things happen only when there are event!

    This will improve a lot the performance!!

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