First Release of New Preview



I’ve uploaded the first release of new preview, I call it gloobus-preview to differ from the old preview.

This is just a first version just for testing and find bugs!! there are not so many features but I hope to get the same funcitonality as I had with the old, but now, using more common libraries, reusing a lot of code, the new architecture is a lot better than the previous.

I’ve added a default plugin that will try to load any filetype, and show its default theme icon 🙂 there are still some errors but its really nice. This default plugin also search if there is a thumnail for the file (with gnome-thumbnail) and uses it :D, also really nice!!

You can download it from launchpad

I hope you enjoy it!


2 comentarios el “First Release of New Preview

  1. Sebastián Porta dice:

    Hi, Jordi.
    Glad to see you back 🙂
    I installed the new preview app and I just want to tell that is great.
    I’m looking forward to all the features that you are planning to add.

  2. Osliner dice:

    how can i install it? it doesnt work for me. the doesnt work at all, so i tried to just copy the files to where where the install script would do, but still doesnt work. do i need the old gloobus installed?


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