Preview Demo


Here you have a preview of what gloobus-preview can do now!!

It is getting better and better

Also I wanted to tell you that KitKat joined in gloobus development and he is solving a lot of bugs and improving the gloobus coverflow!! he is also developing the iMpg plugin for the coverflow so you’ll se it running soon!!

Enjoy it!

PDF Plugin

Hey people!!
Finally I got time to get back in gloobus project!
I’ve done a lot of research and improvements in gloobus-preview. As I commented in the previous post, I’ve changed the deprectaded gnomevfs for the new gio / gnome vfs to acces to the icons thumbnails and file info!
I’ve added info in all plugins in the bottom part, info like size, mime type and depending on the plugin, can be added more information. If you have an idea or request of more info you wuold like to appear, please ask!
I’ve developed the PDF plugin! it loads the pages in a thread and displays it as they’re loaded!! I get really amazed on how fast a PDF of 150 pages is loaded!! in gloobus-preview it is opened and first pdf page displayed in a blink!! You’ve to try it!!

Now I’ll be fixin some code issues and searching something to launch it from a shortcut, its the missing step that keeps gloobus-preview completly off intregration, so if you have any idea, please!!! TELL MEE!!

Here you have a screenshoot of pdf plugin!

PDF Plugin

PDF Plugin


Hi again!

After some months being away, now I’ve returned, trying to finish gloobus-preview. I’ve been doing some modifications, I’ve changed the old gnome ui and gnome vfs so now I use gio/gnome VFS. This change made me modify how preview gets the default icon and thumbnail but now the code is clearer and shorter!!

I’ve found two ways that can be used to launch preview with a shortcut, (I haven’t tried it yet so if you want to try it and tell me if it works…) First one is to hack nautilus, and add a menu entry (see the `directory_view_entries’ array in src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c in nautilus code)

The other one, is getting it on the fly, using GTK_CLIPBOARD or something like this…

Well, apart of it, I wanted to ask you if anyone wants to join me in developing Gloobus, there is a lot of work to do and its hard to do a fast developmen when I’m alone… I hope you get enthusiasm and can collaborate with me!! See you!