Folder Plugin

I’m here again!

With news of course. I finally developed the folder plugin, it shows the icon of the folder or the cover.jpg/png file in the folder as a cover, then it shows a list of the files inside this folder.

The other feature added is that it shows the size of each folder and the total of the folder so you can see it quickly.

However, there is a problem in loading size… the algorithm I used is very slow and when the folder contains multiple subfolders it take more than normal to load. By now I have 2 ideas about how to solve it so let’s see how it ends. I want to upload a release download for gloobus-preview, but there are a lot of things I want to do.. but well, if you can’t wait for it just tell me and I’ll upload this release how it is now (its very stable).

About coverflow, kitkat is being doing a lot of research on how to integrate in nautilus but we’ve not find a good solution yet, so if you find something please!! tell us! It’s all for today, I hope you enjoy it! And if you can donate 3 or 5 $/€ it would be great to keep this project going!! Thanks a lot!

2 comentarios el “Folder Plugin

  1. Rcik dice:

    Hi! Have you take a look at this:

    Maybe it could be cool to integrate gloobus in it.

  2. Camper dice:

    I’d sugested, that displaying size of folders should be optional.
    It will eat up more resources than ordinary preview.


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