First Look

Here you have a first look of the new Gloobus-Coverflow using clutter, it’s still a lot buggy and without all the features the previous one had, so come on, help me with one $/€ and I’ll make it rock the linux desktop!

See ya!

Gloobus-Coverflow (Clutter)

Good News!
I’ve started Gloobus-Coverflow developing again, but now, using clutter so it can be a emed GtkWidget !!

I feel really amazed about the clutter simplicity, anyway, there are some thing that I still don’t like, or I don’t know how to achieve, but for now, I’ve developed the same that took me about 2 weeks, in one day, so it’s a good point 😉

The point I don’t like, is that resizing the window, doesn’t resize the textures, but I think that defining the perspective again will do the trick!

If anyone of you wants to join me in developing it I’ll be very pleased!!

See you!

Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1 RELEASE

Hi!! as I said, here you have new Gloobus-Preview Release!!!

ChangeLog Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1
– iComic (cbz and cbr)
– iPdf solved som bugs
– Shadow in the application
– iMp3 with ogg support
– iDocument fixed a very annoing warning
– iFolder

Installation Instructions Inside the file! (32bits and 64bits versions)

Download Link:

(It is also in launchpad but I can see the dowload count here)


Don’t you notice anything?

Look the picture below, don’t you notice something new?


Sure! I’ve added a shadow in the interface!!

As I told you in the previous post I’ve been working on gloobus-preview again, I’ve fixed some things and added this shadow. I’ll post the release this afternoon or maybe tomorrow! I hope you like it!!

And remember that you can donate me something(link is in the right pannel) cause I spend a lot of time in it…


Rhythmbox Support!

After seeing the poll results, The most used players are banshee, ryhtmbox and songbird, so I’ve developed the Rhythmbox API so covergloobus can now work with it!

You can download it here:

For songbird… the dbus extension is not really complete, and only the artist, song and title can be caught… so there won’t be player controlls neither the album art display so I’ll wait till the extension is more polished!

CoverGloobus-1.1 (With Lyrics)


New version! now with lyrics download support! just middle click on the cover and the lyrics will appear, to close it, double click the lyrics window!!

To move the window (cover and lyrics) just click them and drag 😀

You can set the theme, start position in usigin the