Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1 RELEASE

Hi!! as I said, here you have new Gloobus-Preview Release!!!

ChangeLog Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1
– iComic (cbz and cbr)
– iPdf solved som bugs
– Shadow in the application
– iMp3 with ogg support
– iDocument fixed a very annoing warning
– iFolder

Installation Instructions Inside the file! (32bits and 64bits versions)

Download Link:

(It is also in launchpad but I can see the dowload count here)


13 comentarios el “Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1 RELEASE

  1. Oaphs dice:

    Monkey Island Theme??
    You’ve just won the game.

  2. Pierre dice:

    Very flattered to see that you use GlobalMenu 🙂
    Any way we can make your experience better ?

  3. Oaphs dice:

    Oh, is this possible in the next release to have iFolder fonts with same colors of that selected in theme? because having default white, i don’t read anything.

  4. Oaphs: I really like the Monkey Island Games!! (Except the last one…) 😀 I like to play it in the guitar

    About the fonts color… you’re right! Can you fill a bug in launcpad? This way I can remember it!

    Pierre: Yeah, I used Ubuntu-Tweak that make its installation very easy! Anyway, do you know how can I add the default icon there?

  5. Pierre dice:

    We follow the Gnome guidelines, so you should define your app icon the standard way, and it should work just fine.
    Please tell me if you need to know how and I’ll make some research 9I’m not a dev myself)

  6. Pierre dice:

  7. Pierre dice:

  8. Pierre dice:

    But a little more arrowish for the second one (which isn,t from me)

    • Hey thanks for the links… I like them but I miss something spectacular on them 😀
      I want it to be amazing, that when you see it, you want it, that you feel that you need it, that you’re incomplete without it! 😀
      I know its hard but well.. maybe it’s possible!

  9. Pierre dice:

    You have to match the spectacular with the compatibility fro small icons and the fact that you can understand what the program is meant for.

    The first link is only a 10 minutes draft that doesn’t infringe on any existing icon.


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