Gloobus-Coverflow (Clutter)

Good News!
I’ve started Gloobus-Coverflow developing again, but now, using clutter so it can be a emed GtkWidget !!

I feel really amazed about the clutter simplicity, anyway, there are some thing that I still don’t like, or I don’t know how to achieve, but for now, I’ve developed the same that took me about 2 weeks, in one day, so it’s a good point 😉

The point I don’t like, is that resizing the window, doesn’t resize the textures, but I think that defining the perspective again will do the trick!

If anyone of you wants to join me in developing it I’ll be very pleased!!

See you!

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2 comentarios el “Gloobus-Coverflow (Clutter)

  1. Joey-Elijah dice:

    Ahh! That’s actually quite a good move i think! I haven’t really played around with clutter much, but it’s nice to hear it’s quite simplistic to use!

    Can’t wait to try coverflow clutter out!

  2. erickpardus dice:

    Is it possible to install it in Pardus with KDE 4,4..?!


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