Finally!!! iMovie Plugin

Wuee! Finally I got iMpg plugin work!

Take a look at this!


10 comentarios el “Finally!!! iMovie Plugin

  1. Daniel Holm dice:

    That looks really awesome!

  2. grigio dice:

    I have to try it! Why don’t set up a PPA repository?

  3. UbuntuX dice:

    Here’s a guide:

    I have a question. Do I have to press ctrl + space every time I want to quick view something?

  4. grigio dice:

    Hi I don’t know how do a C++ Deb package, but I did a Ruby Deb package for PPA today for the first time

    The instructions are here

    My advice is to mimic the directory structure from another C++ project before Gloobus grows too much.

  5. shakaran dice:

    Jordi, you need a PPA for yesterday! If you create a .deb with each version, you get more and more users using your application!

  6. juancarlospaco dice:

    Look at “Debian Package Maker” and “DebCreator” with GUI.

    and “Checkinstall” (./configure, make, checkinstall) and “Alien” (make the structure on a .tar.gz and alien make the .deb for you) without GUI.

    Use Virtual Machines with diferent Flavours to build, All Ubuntus, and most important Distros.
    Ubuntu VM-Builder can help you to make the VM.

  7. Mandeep dice:

    Great Man, Keep going.

    I wish, I knew programming , So I could also contribute.

    Hope, Linux Desktop will beat OS X soon.


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