Help Needed: Nautilus Actions

Hi guys!
I would like to ask you something,

Could anyone of you develop a nautilus extension (like nautilus-open-terminal) that launches
gloobus directory

and another one that launches

gloobus-preview directory/filename

because I would like to include it in the deb and I prefer wasting my time in the application itself I don’t think it’s hard so I hope you can help me in this.
I’ve gloobus coverflow in a very good state so in a week or two I’ll upload the deb !!! it’s amazing!! HEHEHEHE


And of course.. if you want to donate me something I would appreciate it!


7 comentarios el “Help Needed: Nautilus Actions

  1. grigio dice:

    I added gloobus-preview %M to Nautilus Actions and it works

  2. This was posted in Nautilus-List dice:

    If the ‘copy’ operation will be enabled in file-chooser, ‘delete’ ‘rename’, ‘cut’ and other operations will also be required, thus make the file-chooser too complicate. I’m afraid these requirement will lead it to a small file-manager…

    By the way using ‘gdk_atom_intern (“x-special/gnome-copied-files”, FALSE)’ will meet your requirement.
    Set the content of the gtk_clipboard to (“copy\n%s’, file_uri)
    You can try the codes in nautilus/src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c:copy_or_cut_files.

  3. pierissimo dice:

    you have to import it to nautilus-actions, through nautilus-actions-config tool, it work for folders and files, but do not work for multiple selections(I think it is not necessary)

  4. Nando dice:


    Nice tool you got here.
    Do you still require the nautilus tool to lauch gooblus? I was thinking in doing it to test too.
    Seems excellent to browser images and other media stuff.

    • The gloobus-preview can be launched with a key combo now (ctrl-c and then ctrl-space) however, gloobus coverflow still needs the nautilus actions.. come on try it, you’ll be surprised on how it has evolved, I use it everyday for image viewer 😀


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