Gloobus 0.4

Again, new version, now you can download and test the coverflow, Coverflow is still not very stable and well working, but is fair enough, if you see bugs fill them in launchpad 😉

You can download here:

Installation instructions:

1. Install gloobus-preview

2. Install gloobus

3. Import the *.schemas into nautilus actions (For menu entries)

4. Add the keybinginds (Here’s a complete guide on how to bind the key)


5. Enjoy!

6. Donate!!


8 comentarios el “Gloobus 0.4

  1. Oaphs dice:

    Coverflow never worked and then never works now with Clutter git.

  2. Oaphs dice:

    FOLDER: .
    Thread Started
    Loading file 0
    Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `gtk-can-change-accels’ of type `gboolean’ from rc file value “((GString*) 0x23837a0)” of type `gboolean’
    gloobus: symbol lookup error: gloobus: undefined symbol: clutter_group_add_many

  3. Oaphs dice:

    D’oh. Solved.

  4. craybuntu dice:

    FYI ctrl + space is already used in Gnome-Do … so would be better to bind it to something else

    i bind gloobus-preview to shift-ctrl-C in Compiz commander , but it can only open the same file even if i clicked on another file ???

    is this a bug because im using compiz and gnome-do

    i ran gloobus-preview from terminal and it opened the file i first opened ?

  5. nekrum dice:

    I have a good experience with gloobus-preview but the real problem is the gloobus coverflow keybindings.
    With the sqchema I can use it without problems, but when I configure the kaybindings from Metacity if I use gloobus without arguments it always open home. If I try to implement %d like in the schema’s, nothing happens. Great programs I really enjoy them.


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