18 comentarios el “CoverGloobus-1.4

  1. aaht dice:

    how can i make it work with exaile??

    • There is still no plugin for exaile… it now works for

      Feel free to develop the extension for exaile, I think it should be easy!

      • aaht dice:

        i’m not a developer, and i don’t know how to do,
        i found exaile.py in the folder so i tought it could be possibile
        anyway thanks

      • There is this file? where did you find it?
        Can you send it to me?

        Anyway, if you have it, running covergloobus-configy.py let you change the player!

      • aaht dice:

        if i put that file in player directory, then run covergloobus-configy.py let me choose exaile
        but covergloobus.py doesn’t open covergloobus (in terminal NameError: name ‘ExailePlayer’ is not defined)

      • Umf, thats because I based my code in nowplaying screenlet, and there is its code, but the exaile plugin is not converted to covergloobus yet.

        If I’ve some time I’ll install it and try to develop the plugin, but I don’t promise anything cause I’m very busy these days..

      • aaht dice:

        thanks for you work
        i’ll wait for any news

    • try to run it one time from the terminal:

      python covergloobus.py

      It should create the .pyc of exaile.py and then work!

      • aaht dice:

        it doesn’t work
        same error

        Theme: Postcard
        Loading AlbumCover xml info
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “CoverGloobus.py”, line 300, in
        File “CoverGloobus.py”, line 270, in main
        self.init() #Initialize Player Theme and Dbus
        File “CoverGloobus.py”, line 87, in init
        exec “self.player = ” + self.config.get(“Player”,”name”) + “Player()” #Create the player
        File “”, line 1, in
        NameError: name ‘ExailePlayer’ is not defined

      • aaht dice:

        it doesn’t create .pyc anyway

  2. aaht dice:

    i found it in your archive /CoverGloobus/NowPlaying/Players/ exaile.py

  3. sterky dice:

    hey. i made script for Exaile, works with latest stable release, you can download from here – http://www.upload.ee/files/110766/Exaile.py.tar.gz.html



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