Irc Channel

I’ve registered a chanel in freenode so you can find us at

##gloobus @,
Now is preety empty but I think it can grow in a few days, i’ll be there the evenings 22:00 – 00:00 (GTM+1)

see you there!

12 comentarios el “Irc Channel

  1. PierreS dice:

    Is there anyone here ?
    I’m the only one in the chatroom 🙂

  2. PierreS dice:

    Nobody. Not that I have anything interesting to say by the way 😉

  3. Sashin dice:

    So, how’s progress? Can we expect something in the upcoming weeks?

  4. PierreS dice:

    You can see progress @
    Last code update was 6 hrs ago 🙂

  5. Sashin dice:

    How soon can we expect a .deb? Will it be done by Karmic?

    • Jordi dice:

      There is already a deb (not for the integration with nautilus) but it is for the gloobus-preview and for the standalone coverflow!

      And of course, there will be the debs for karmic too!

  6. Sashin dice:

    But will the debs eventually be done for the integration with nautilus?

  7. Rick dice:

    how do i integrate it with nautilus

  8. Sashin dice:

    How’s progress now, are there still alot of bugs, is it much more stable now?

    I can’t wait to integrate this into my nautilus.


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