Hi again! I’ve my flat ok, and I’m back of my holidays so I’m ready to work on gloobus again!!!

I want to create a project webpage but I’d like some help, do you know a free hosting? any of you wants to design the webpage? something like gnome-do (Its really good!!) I’m sure this will help people to know about gloobus.

The second and really interesting: KitKat had developed a patch for nautilus that LAUNCHES GLOOBUS-PREVIEW WITH THE SPACE KEY!! I tried it with my both computers and it works perfectly!

To install it

download the lastest stable nautilus:…-2.26.3.tar.gz

Download kitkat patch (

tar zxvf archive.tar.gz
cd nautilus-2.26.3
patch -p1 < /path_to_my_patch

u ll see the files been patched here

all u have to do is compile nautilus now:

./configure --prefix=/usr


In my ./configure it asked for unique-1.0, so I installed that lib:

apt-get install libunique

Maybe your ./configure asks for more libs, install them all to be able to compile nautilus.

at this step u can already test nautilus by lauching it (close it before if is runing with

nautilus -q

without deleting your distribution version
if u like the patch u can do a make install too

Today I’ll try to solve some bugs in the bugtrack so I familiarize with the code again and then I’ll try to add some new things!!

See you!

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  1. Anon dice:

    make a google code page, or a launchpad page.
    creating a custom page from scratch is unnecessary

  2. martin dice:

    Hi, glad to see you come back. I’m just posting you this message to let you know my email so that we can get in touch. I’d like to help design the website. I think this project is very cool (I’m not running Gloobus right now but I have in the past and I’m really happy someone is working on a project like this). I sometimes run Mac OS X and I like the whole idea.

    I can’t code anything but a website design is within my range of skills so I’d like to get on board. Reply to my email if you are interested and we’ll get this party started!

    Cheers, martin (from Argentina)

  3. Pierre dice:

    Google Code only lets the admin create wiki pages, not have its own page design. And as Jordi already has a WP;com blog, It will be easy to convert it into a full website (WordPress supports static pages, and has an extension mechanism).
    I hope that John’s and Kitkat patches are merged together, and then possibly into mainstream Gloobus.

    Would you consider applying for inclusion in Gnome 3.0 ?

  4. Kitkat dice:

    Sorry to disapoint u Pierre but no, the patches are not merged for the moment. Perhaps i ll do it later.
    Sincerelly i don t see the point to have a coverflow in nautilus for a daily usage grid view is so much powerful. Coverflow is good for plugin to an audio player like exaile or else. But this is only my point of view. That s why the comments of people who use gloobus or who like the concept are so important because it can lead us.

    i hope u enjoy the patch, it brings gloobus to a better nautilus integration. Just pressing the space key to get a quick view of a file is amazing, i like this app!

    the fastest pdf viewer i ever try 🙂
    gogo Jordi i want the same for svg files… (they are horrible slow)

  5. Pierre dice:

    I’ll patch Nautilus with both patches to install it on my laptop then 🙂
    I guess the best solution is to put everything in, and let the user decide what he wants to activate or not (that’s what we did in GlobalMenu).
    I guess your awesome patch should at least be merged into trunk (as well as the deb package branch).
    For the Coverflow effect, your point is 100% valid. I’ve filed a bug against Banshee. We perhaps should try doing the same against the other media players?

  6. Kitkat dice:

    problem with banshee is that the bindings c-sharp on clutter are very old and i wonder if there s a developper working on it? So until then we are stucked or we have to return to an opengl version of coverflow.

    Clutter is > 1.0 version now, we could recode coverflow in python to be a plugin for exaile.

    Rythmbox is no more developped so there no point to developp a plugin for it.
    A plugin for Amarok2 would be possible.

    We’ll see that if there s developpers who want to join.
    i want to start with python who wants to help me ? 😀

  7. Mike dice:

    Ask for a project page (+ mailing list and git and stuff) at

    That would be best I guess 🙂

  8. Anon dice:

    A website like do, huh?….

  9. Brian dice:

    If you still need assistance building the website let me know. I’d be happy to setup the hosting and everything for you.

    Are any plans in place to get gloobus working with Thunar? How difficult do you think it would be to port?

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  11. ahar dice:

    I couldn’t download kitkat patch from ubuntuforums. Do u now anywhere else for downloading this patch?


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