Gloobus Everywhere

I’ve been working in gloobus last days again, and thinking in it I think that is time to make it work along with other apps, for example,

Thunderbird, evolution: to preview the attachments quickly
GTKFileSelector: Before upload a file, or send it to a friend, preview it, the current thumnails are really small to see what’s in, and they don’t work for pdf, music etc..
– your ideas

So I would like what you think of it, where can we include gloobus, and can you develop some extension or something to do it.
Its really easy, just make that space key, launches gloobus-preview /path/to/the/file

Nobody told me about the nautilus extension that lets gloobus be launched with space key!!!

Its really easy to install, in the previous post there are the instructions:

And remember, filetypes supported right now

XCF, PSD, MPG, AVI, MP3, PDF, DOC, ODF, XLS, PPT, ODS, CBR, CBZ, ICNS, TXT, C++, C, JPG, PNG, SVG, FOLDERS, and some more, I’ll put all them in the webpage when it’s ready!!

Now, I’ve been working on a plugin to see the sintaxis on source files, it works now, and in a few days I’ll upload it!!


3 comentarios el “Gloobus Everywhere

  1. Seba dice:

    Hi, Jordi.
    I just installed Nautilus with the patch to launch Gloobus Preview with the spacebar and I’m loving it!
    You forgot to mention in the post that Gloobus Preview support DOC, XLS, ODF, etc., altough I had to install the plugin manually.
    About Gloobus working with other apps, would be great if it work with Gnome Do’s Files and Folders plugin and Transmission to preview downloaded files.
    One more thing, I don’t know if you remember but I was the one that made the Gloobus logo, so if you need some graphics just let me know.
    Keep up the good work!

    • good to know that you liked it!

      I’ve edited the post adding those filetypes, anyway, I don’t like so much the iOO plugin cause it need a bacground process to be running, and this makes that you have to launch the file two times the first time, anyway, there is a way to make OO to launch faster, but I don’t rember it just now…

      In gnome-do should be very easy to develop a plugin, I don’t know how abaut transmission, we can speak with them!

  2. Anon dice:

    What about Thunar?


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