Nautilus or Simplified Nautilus

Simplified nautilus or not?

Hi all!
We have a doubt about wich version of nautilus distribute with the space key enabled to launch gloobus,
we have two options:

Current nautilus with just the spacekey shorctut added, or Simplified Nautilus from David Siegel (gnome-do) made for the 100 papercuts project of Ubuntu (with space key shortcut too).

Currently we’re distributing the second version but some people complained about it. So I’m gona ask you all, what do yo prefer: (We can have both versions but we can only distribute one in the ppa).

We will put in the ppa the winner, and give instructions to install the other. I hope we find the solutions that most people like

Looking forward to 0.4.1

Hi People!

I’ve been working so hard these days!! and gloobus-0.4.1 is almost ready to be released, This is just a bug fixing version so it will run much more fine in your computers!

Martin Cesare has been helping me in developing the web and we have it almost finished, I hope we can synchronize web release with 0.4.1 release 😀 anyway, we need a hosting (now we own domain) so if you own a hosting or know a good one, we’re all ears.

Anyway, I’ve been working in covergloobus ( again, I think it needs some love to make it even more useful! Like adding screenshots on the config for a easy theme selection, more lyrics engines, more players supported, and more things, again, if you have any idea to add, please, tell me or just fill up a blueprint 😀

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for you support with my last gloobus version and say that I’ll keep working on it. Looking forward to 0.4.2 version that will have great new features!!!

And of course, remeber that you can support us donating something at:

Donate by PayPal


Hey!! tualatrix had setted up a Gloobus PPA!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!
There is the last version (Including Source view and Freetype fonts preview)

So, to install gloobus from the ppa:

Add these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb jaunty main
deb-src jaunty main

Then run add the key

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 0624A220

Update packages list
sudo apt-get update

Install gloobus-preview
sudo apt-get install gloobus-preview
sudo apt-get upgrade (To upgrade to patched nautilus)

Finally, restart nautilus
nautilus -q
nautilus &

How To Install Gloobus From Source

I’ve just updated the guide to install gloobus from source and added a how to install patched nautilus

They are not finished cause I havn’t a fresh ubuntu install to write it step by step so you can help me if there is any error:

Here you have the links

Install Gloobus and Gloobus-Preview

Install Patched Nautilus to launch Gloobus-Preview with space key

Enjoy! and if you want, donate me something 😉

A lot of work done these days :D

Hi again, another week, a lot of work done and another feature!

I’ve renamed almost evque ery file in the code so now they follow a more standard rule. I’ve enchanced makefiles and KikKat helped me to solve some Coverflow gloobus (Appeared after porting it to clutter-1.2 and clutter-gtk-0.10)

I’ve created a new interface iFree, that lets the plugin do whatever it wants, without being defined for the parent interface, it will be usefull for plugins that are not movie, images, audio document or text, for example…

TTF Font files preview

Here you have a demo video!


You can get it from the bzr, or wait till the next release 😉