Nautilus or Simplified Nautilus

Simplified nautilus or not?

Hi all!
We have a doubt about wich version of nautilus distribute with the space key enabled to launch gloobus,
we have two options:

Current nautilus with just the spacekey shorctut added, or Simplified Nautilus from David Siegel (gnome-do) made for the 100 papercuts project of Ubuntu (with space key shortcut too).

Currently we’re distributing the second version but some people complained about it. So I’m gona ask you all, what do yo prefer: (We can have both versions but we can only distribute one in the ppa).

We will put in the ppa the winner, and give instructions to install the other. I hope we find the solutions that most people like


17 comentarios el “Nautilus or Simplified Nautilus

  1. shakaran dice:

    You can try released two versions.



    Or make another PPA (you can make more PPAs) and put there the other version.


    PS: My vote for simplify.

  2. Emre Ayca dice:

    I totally agree with shakaran: please release gloobus in two versions with and without the simplified nautilus.

    The thing is simplified nautilus does not provide any access to the file menu bar options (no icon, no “tiny menu” lie the firefox aadd-on, etc.) and I find it overly difficult to deal with all the options that the menu bar provides without the menu bar itself:-)

    PS: I voted for Nautilus.

  3. jolsz dice:

    Do as you wish but please think of other users that will enable Gloobus PPA just e.g. using UbuntuTweak in order to try out something new.

    I think they will be surprised with missing menubar and “messed up” nautilus and this will be trouble for them if they not use shortcust.

    I think democracy is not always the best choice.

  4. jolsz dice:

    Another issue regarding “messed up” simpliefied nautilus:

    Ctrl+l doesn’t toggle between clickable/writable location bar – the location text is marked instead

    Ctrl+f behaves not correctly when window is not maximized (the search input disappears after ctrl+f is clicked)

  5. Grayson dice:

    I voted for Nautilus, I can’t find my way around Nautilus without the normal layout, please give an option

  6. FERNmann dice:

    I just want to use Gloobus and not a worse version of Nautilus. So, please bring back the original Version.

  7. […] Ein Blogpost der Betreiber zu dem Thema gibt’s auch, dort kann man auch abstimmen. Bitte tut dies! Die Gloobus-Quelle ist schließlich in Ubuntu Tweak mit drin, und der arme User, der eigentlich nur eine neue Software ausprobieren wollte, wundert sich warum seine Menüleiste weg ist. […]

  8. Garibaldi dice:

    The problem with Simplified Nautilus for me is the same as others have stated – no access to the menus. For instance, I cannot create a new SSH bookmark or link to a server in Simplified Nautilus. I voted for regular Nautilus but I think the two PPAs idea is good too

  9. seif sallam dice:

    i think its hard to decide which one will be used as votes are nearly equal, so i think you should do both.

  10. bleuwinter dice:

    I guess you should do both. In my opinion the 2nd one is better but it was a little hard for me in the beginning, because I was used to the normal one. It takes time.

  11. Andrei dice:

    Simplified Nautilus it breaks compatibility with Ubuntu One.

  12. required and mired dice:

    Some of us avoid all things Mono and do not have Gnome-Do installed. I voted for vanilla nautilus.

  13. Anonymous dice:

    Original Nautilus looks better.

  14. d0od dice:

    Sad to see simplified nautilus go =( I can find it anywhere now


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