CoverGloobus Translations

Hey! I’ve setted up the translations for covergloobus!

I added autotools to the whole package so now It will be easyer to make a package for any distribution, if anybody interested in creating the ppa 😀

Covergloobus now has also TABS support, so you can now download the tabs of the song that is currently playin!

It also grabs the cover from amazon if the player can’t provide it!!

Do you know if there is a way to get the playing song/artits from songbird? I really like that player and would be great to have support in covergloobus 😀

See you!

(BTW any idea for a icon?)

Gloobus Webpage and new features is now active!!

This will be a centralized point with the information of gloobus, a good description, how to install it, its plugins, how to help us in developing for it and so on, so come on, take a look at it!!

In the other hand, I have 3 new features in gloobus:

1. Translations, thanks for translating gloobus, now in the BZR version translations are working pretty good, I’ll integrate in the ppa really soon!

2. List plugins now uses a gtkTreeView, its the typical gtk view for the lists, it looks much more better than the old way, and now you can sort items by columns 😀

3. Compressed files plugins! It shows a list of the files inside a compressed file. It now supports zip, rar and tar.gz, anyway its really easy to add more filetypes, just send me the command to list the files of a compressed file and I’ll add it (eg: tar -zxf file.tar.gz)

See you!


Hey!! I’ve just uploaded the translations for gloobus-preview, you can now fill the translation to your language in launchpad!

There are not so many strings but it’s always good to have and application with the mattern language 😀

So don’t lose time and start uploading your translation to…

I will add more strings to translate in the nexts days so keep an eye to update the translations 😀

See ya!