Gloobus Webpage and new features is now active!!

This will be a centralized point with the information of gloobus, a good description, how to install it, its plugins, how to help us in developing for it and so on, so come on, take a look at it!!

In the other hand, I have 3 new features in gloobus:

1. Translations, thanks for translating gloobus, now in the BZR version translations are working pretty good, I’ll integrate in the ppa really soon!

2. List plugins now uses a gtkTreeView, its the typical gtk view for the lists, it looks much more better than the old way, and now you can sort items by columns 😀

3. Compressed files plugins! It shows a list of the files inside a compressed file. It now supports zip, rar and tar.gz, anyway its really easy to add more filetypes, just send me the command to list the files of a compressed file and I’ll add it (eg: tar -zxf file.tar.gz)

See you!

16 comentarios el “Gloobus Webpage and new features

  1. JT dice:

    Congratulations, the website is great!

  2. Samoth dice:

    Very good job. The website look very great! Thx

  3. The website is gorgeous! Congratulations 🙂

    I can’t wait to install Gloobus once I got my desktop running again 🙂

  4. Horia dice:

    Beautiful new site. Great program.
    Open source movement needs more people like you.
    I take my hat off to you.

  5. Luis Davim dice:

    The web site is looking great 🙂 nice work!

  6. Maxi dice:

    In the ppa is only the gloobus preview package, right? How do I get CoverFlow running?
    Oh, and the new website is beautiful!

  7. David dice:

    Mola mola, pero podries fer-la també en algun idioma no anglosaxó xD

  8. hcorey dice:

    I have been tracking this project all along, but I still find the names confusing: gloobus, gloobus-preview, covergloobus, and I’m not sure of each functionality (previewer of a single file vs. coverflow view of multiple files within Nautilus vs. coverflow view in rhythmbox or similar). Could this be made a bit clearer?

  9. Lightbreeze dice:

    The website is looking very nice!

    Touch ups: The ‘Preview’ Mode oktapodi image has a strange border at the top and left sides. Also, the adjacent text needs a few corrections.

  10. Lightbreeze dice:

    Also would be very nice if the downloads page detected which distro and version you were running.


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