Well, In the previous post I did’t upload any image so here it goes, one showing covergloobus working with docky and spotify!!

(and the new theme from d0od)

Hope you like it!

I fixed the bzr error so you can try it now

bzr branch lp:covergloobus
cd covergloobus
sudo make install


Hey guys, news in both gloobus and covergloobus!!

Lets start with my favourite GLOOBUS-PREVIEW

I talked with DanRabbit to see if he could help me in designing some good ui and give ideas for gloobus, and of course he did!! and I have to say that is Incredibly!!
You can see his mokups here:

There is the branch lp:~gloobus-dev/gloobus/newInterface where you can find the process in making it reality!
Things done:
· Reflection!!!!!!!!
· Nocover Image (DANRABBIT)
· Duration and current position
· Close and menu buttons improved (DANRABBIT)
Things left:
· Play pause button 😛

And along with this, a lot of code improvements 😀

More new in gloobus. I’ve added the PSD loader to the compile engine so in a few days it will be distributed with the main package so the PSD will work for everyone!! (Since I like drawing, this is my favouite preview option :D!!!)

Yes! since I like drawing, listening to music 😀 I use covergloobus daily. And docky is my other favourite app, I added covergloobus/docky sincronization!!! yeeeeeeeeees!! how it sounds
Have you seen the banshee plugin? then its the same but for covergloobus, displaying the current song album and right clickin it to show the lyrics, next, previous and so on 😀 amazing isn’t it?

you can try it in the main branch

bzr branch lp:covergloobus
sudo make install

There are still some bugs and I woul like you to find them and fill them in launchpad page 😀

and finally:

Do you use spotify? I do, and I really like it so, why don’t create a plugin for it?
Yeeees! this is done!! and working, thanks to the Spotify-notify project ( I could create the spotify plugin, so now you can download the lyrics of your song in spotify in a blink!

(It doesn’t support next and prev song, since the artist and album are gotten from the window title…)

Hope you like it, and that you consider donating me something 😀 (Link in the right bar!)

See you!!