nautilus-simplified-gloobus is dead, long live to nautilus-elementary!

Hello all,

In september, Nautilus-simplified-gloobus arrived in our ppa during 2 weeks, u loved it, u hated it but it didn’t leave you indifferent.
I am sure many ppl would like his return now. I am an arch user so i maintained it all along in arch repository. This morning i digged into the ubuntu’s packaging procedures and builded my first package. And guess what it’s now available in a ppa!

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

So u can choose to add this ppa, then it will upgrade your nautilus automatically to the lastest stable patched version 2.28.4. Guess what in ubuntu they are still in 2.28.1. So u benefit from the latest stable version avalaible. If u want to remove it it’s pretty simple just remove the ppa then re-install nautilus.

It’s the same version than September nothing new, but i am motivated again to resume the development of this version. I am gonna work with DanRabbit and everybody who want to join us of course. A branch has been openened on launchpad, feel free to report bugs:

There would be improvements soon, enjoy 🙂

Here’s the screenshot with the courtesy of DanRabbit:

32 comentarios el “nautilus-simplified-gloobus is dead, long live to nautilus-elementary!

  1. eluminx dice:

    Awesome freakin news dude, just added the repo and is working great. I’m glad DanRabbit is on board to help out, his elementary suite is awesome as well. I know you’ve hard this before many times, but great work and i hope you have enough time to keep bringing us more of it.

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  4. Oh dear, no menu bar, view options, nor sidebar. No PPA or download link for a version of Ubuntu that DOESN’T suck, either. (hint, hint, 9.10 sucks, 9.04 rocks) I think that Nautilus should look to OS X’s Finder for inspiration. It opens instantly, is fast, and still has a menu bar, sidebar, and view options.

    • ammonkey dice:

      obviously u don’t know what you are talking about…
      Yes it has a menubar and a sidebar too. screenshot of nautilus-elementary i am using:

      We can’t propose that nautilus to jaunty because of compatibility problems. U should be aware that every release of ubuntu correspond to a release of gnome so a nautilus 2.28 just can’t work in a gnome 2.26. The code need to be adapted to 2.26 and i am too lazy for that 😀
      U have chosen to not upgrade to the latest stable version so don’t complain not getting the latest packages 😉 By the way there’s tons of others distributions if u don’t like karmic.

      I agree with you about the Finder, what simplicity it’s just amazing i want something like this, complete but still simple.

  5. Pachesi dice:

    […]Ahora nuestros amigos de Gloobus nos tienen esta nueva versión de Nautilus donde se aprovecha mejor el espacio del navegador[…]

    Aqui una reseña en español con algunos complementos en detalles como desinistalar la version sin errores o ver la barra de menus.

    ¡ Saludos y gracias !

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  7. Adam dice:

    And what about all of us who don’t use a version of Ubuntu?

  8. Luis Davim dice:

    Great 🙂

    Maybe you could tackle a miller columns view in that branch 😛

    And ofcource the gloobus-flow 😛


  9. ggu dice:

    dunno where to write this, so i write it here: it would be cool if you’d implement an option that lets you select multiple audio files and if you *gloobus* them, you get a primitive media player that plays them. if you do it with the current version, you get all the songs playing similary.

  10. rakkham dice:

    Hi: this soft is so great, I was looking for something like gloobus for a while. BUT: I’m on Opensuse. Does anyone knows where to find an rpm paquage for it (I’m really really bad for compilling).

    • thanks!
      I think somebody tried to create a package for fedora.. but I don’t know if they uploaded it..
      Anyway, isn’t an alien for deb packages to rpm?

    • Martin dice:

      I was able to compile it on OpenSUSE 11.2 very easily. The problem might be to have every dependency on your system, but once you are good to go, it’s really as simple as:

      sudo make install

      Hope this helps!

  11. rakkham dice:

    Yes, I tried alien, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know why. But anyway, an rpm package would be sooooo coooool!!!

  12. Shadestealer dice:

    Okay, first of all this is totally awesome! Nautilus-Elementary + Gloobus Preview + Cover Gloobus is the best thing since sliced bread and streaming porn. The only thing that’s bugging me a little is that after installing the patched nautilus the shadows from my right click menus disappeared (only when clicking on the desktop or nautilus windows). Anyone else having this issue?

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  14. Shadestealer dice:

    Thanks for the link. I should’ve checked there first, my bad.

  15. zykcim dice:

    Can I install it on Ubuntu Jaunty?!? Where is download?!?

  16. ubuntero dice:

    Is a testversion of nautilus-elementary for LUCID available?

  17. amr dice:

    please can you add nautilus undo/redo patch …. its already there plz ….
    and there is a patch for zeitgeist can you add it to a testing branch … for the next release
    and we need a patch for editing files meta data and better columns .. autodetected for each folder so we can filter files by artist or by date like windows 7 or vista … realy helpful and missed features …
    I think that can make into nautilus in the future no rush and keep your good work its a gift .. thank you for this better nautilus

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  19. JT dice:


    Love Nautilus-Elementary and love de whole Gloobus “suite” 😉

    The only thing that doesn’t work is the coverflow. Y press F4 to see it and the black region appears on top of the window. As I turn the mouse wheel the selection changes from one file to the next, but on the black region there’s nothing to see.

    Should I report it as a bug, or am I missing something?


  20. JT dice:

    Ooops, or do I have to install gloobus-flow from a different PPA?

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