Gloobus-Preivew comes to Fedora

Hey guys!! I just want to let you know that gloobus-preview is now available for Ferdora as a package in the updates repository!!!

Thanks to Patrick Dignan who helped us solve some package issues!

There is not the patched nautilus so you will need to to the ctrl+c, ctrl+space trick but he’s working on a workarround for this too

Let us know if it works for you

See u

Gloobus Flow

Hey Guys!
I was wanted to show you this:

Amazing isn’t it?
we’ve been working in the integration of gloobus-flow into nautilus and yeah! its working pretty well now! there are still a lot of things to do/solve, so anybody interested in reporting bugs and these things you know,

In the other hand, to keep us motivated you can still donate us something by going to and you your aportation to free software. And if you know how to code and want to help us fixing little things, talk with us at #gloobus in

I hope you like it and we’re waiting for you comments!!