Gloobus Flow

Hey Guys!
I was wanted to show you this:

Amazing isn’t it?
we’ve been working in the integration of gloobus-flow into nautilus and yeah! its working pretty well now! there are still a lot of things to do/solve, so anybody interested in reporting bugs and these things you know,

In the other hand, to keep us motivated you can still donate us something by going to and you your aportation to free software. And if you know how to code and want to help us fixing little things, talk with us at #gloobus in

I hope you like it and we’re waiting for you comments!!

26 comentarios el “Gloobus Flow

  1. Babar dice:

    Impressive !

    Can you tell me what is your Ubuntu Theme and Dock ?

    Thanks for your work,

  2. […] in Nautilus integrieren. Längere Zeit war es recht still um das Projekt, doch heute wurde im Blog zu Gloobus ein Video veröffentlicht, das ich euch nicht vorenthalten […]

  3. grigio dice:

    Gorgeous! Isn’t possible to set Clutter as default view?

  4. Andrew dice:

    I can’t get it to work. I’ve compiled both Gloobus Flow and Nautilus from, but I don’t get that new entry in the “View” drop-down. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Picajoso dice:

    Cool! This is getting really interesting 😉 Jordi, I’m Picajoso from, a spanish Linux blog. Could you contact me with the email I left in the comment fields in order interview you? There’s no contact information in the blog….

  6. Andrew dice:

    Thanks. I already did that and didn’t work, but after messing with ./configure both with and without “–prefix=/usr”, it finally worked.

  7. […] following my initial experiments, the other gloobus developers (badchoice and kitkat) have continued to work on integrating this coverflow view into […]

  8. […] simulaba la previsualización de archivos tal como la que ofrece Finder de Mac OS X. Ayer tarde, publicaron un vídeo de su nueva creación: Gloobus Flow, que es otra extensión que se integra a la perfección con Nautilus, pero que simula […]

  9. […] el blog de sus desarrolladores nos cuentan hoy que están realizando avances importantes en el funcionamiento de componentes como […]

  10. me dice:

    Cool, but keep in mind that this technology is patented.

  11. TomBous dice:

    Amazing! Do you know if it gonna be a ppa soon or a deb file?

    • ammonkey dice:

      It’s not stable enought to be released in ppa yet. It needs an option to disable the clutter view at launch, similar to the –no-desktop option. It need more testing and i need more time 😉

  12. Paul dice:

    Wlll this version of gloobus be in ubuntu without necessity of using PPA packages?

    Wonderful work.

  13. Thomas dice:

    Just wanted to say : this is fu*** great job. Can’t wait to have it ! Thanks a lot for the work !

    (And, excuse my bad english!)

  14. Notbad dice:

    I thought it would be much easier if all the Gloobus stuff would be as a Compiz plugin. just install and enable when you need and customize(fonts, font size and other stuff).

  15. sonay dice:

    Would you consider integrating that into dolphin? Also some people tried to make something like that into Amarok and it was refused due to code immaturity. Kde users will be glad to see your work, there 😉

  16. […] Ein geöffneter Arbeitsplatz ohne CoverFlow ist mittlerweile recht langweilig. Bei Dokumenten, Bildern und besonders bei Musik sind Cover schon unverzichtbar. Ohne CoverFlow geht heute eigentlich nichts mehr. Mehr Informationen gibt’s hier und hier. […]

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