Gloobus-Preivew comes to Fedora

Hey guys!! I just want to let you know that gloobus-preview is now available for Ferdora as a package in the updates repository!!!

Thanks to Patrick Dignan who helped us solve some package issues!

There is not the patched nautilus so you will need to to the ctrl+c, ctrl+space trick but he’s working on a workarround for this too

Let us know if it works for you

See u

11 comentarios el “Gloobus-Preivew comes to Fedora

  1. Anonymous dice:

    I want to see it in the Ubuntu repository, please.

  2. Skooter dice:

    Just installed it.

    Have a few questions.

    1. I thought this is a full screen viewer. All the screenshots appear to be windows. And it appears in a window on my PC.
    2. txt files are truncated
    3. When pdf files ae displayed the window flickers like crazy till it loads completely.
    4. optional settings for .cfg file (all mine are = 1)
    5.Runnubg on EeePC netbook 1024×600 screen. Ubuntu 9.10 OS

    I was hoping this would let me view full screen documents rather than windowing. Attempting to optimize my screen readability. Do I have a setting incorrect?

    If this can do what I hope, it would be outstanding!


  3. uber dice:

    I wanted to let you all know that Gloobus comes default in UberStudent Linux 0.9.x. Although still in a young stage, as is our project, the direction you all are going is clearly a very user-friendly addition to the Linux desktop. I included Gloobus in UberStudent because I recall as a student having to go through a good number of files to find certain snippets. Something like Gloobus would have made such a task easier and faster. Keep up the good work!

  4. Remaster dice:

    great work i really love them , uhmm i have a request jeje
    can you add m4a support?
    jeje good bye and sorry for bad english i speak spanish.

  5. Alessandro Avolio dice:

    Hi, sorry for my english.
    Idea: why don’t use middle mouse clik for open previw?
    idea2: for image or similary give the possibility to open other image with arrow or mouse wheel.

    bye bye and great work it’s a fantastic idea

    • Hey! thanks for you comment!
      I really like the middle click idea 😀 sure we’ll do this

      About the idea 2, with cursor keys you can already change the files!! the scroll is saved for scrolling in documents and scrolling in songs and movies, but we can take a look 😉

  6. SB dice:

    gloobus-preview- (421 k)
    This doesn’t work, it crashes.
    Apparently there is a fix but it hasn’t been pushed upstream.

  7. valent dice:

    Hi guys, gloobus looks awesome. We would like to include it in Fusion Linux project ( We could work together if you are interested. Cheers.

  8. Aria Amini dice:

    Any word on this? Can’t find references to it anywhere =/ I have it installed, and it works, but I’d really like to be able to use it without putting things in my clipboard. I also installed the Nautilus extention devoluped by Walter Da Col, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

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