How to compile in lucid

Yesterday I switched to lucid beta to test gloobus-preview

Here you have the dependences needed to compile it, so you can use it while we create the package 😉

sudo apt-get install build-essential automake libtool bzr

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libgvfscommon-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev libcairomm-1.0-dev libtag1-dev libpoppler-glib-dev libgnomeui-dev unoconv libgtksourceview2.0-dev libspectre-dev libdjvulibre-dev libswfdec-0.8-dev libbz2-dev

bzr branch lp:gloobus-preview
cd gloobus-preview
./autogen --prefix=/usr/
make && sudo make install

See you!


20 comentarios el “How to compile in lucid

  1. Martin dice:

    Hey Jordi! How are ya! I switched my laptop OS to OpenSUSE and I managed to compile Gloobus Preview! I’m still using the Control-C + Spacebar thing but when I get some time I’ll try to fix that.

    It works as great as in Ubuntu. I’ll add some new screenshots to the website in a few days.

    Good to see how this project is growing. Congrats for your work!


    PS: comenté en inglés por si alguien que usa openSUSE quiere animarse a compilar Gloobus! Muy fácil!

  2. rodrigo dice:

    a little detail.

    ./autogen –prefix=/usr/
    change to
    ./ –prefix=/usr/

  3. Marcel dice:

    ./autogen –prefix=/usr/

    i get to this point and then comes an no file or directory but i have a gloobus-preview folder in my home folder.

    what’s the wrong?

  4. amnesiacandres dice:

    Hi Jordi, I just found out about Gloobus and looks really great on the screenshots.
    I was wondering if there is any workaround to the dependency on openoffice-core.

    I’m not looking forward to use 100 megs of HD only to get Gloobus running.

    Please let me know if you know how to solve that. Thanks in advance

    • In fact, there is just needed the unoconv package to preview some document files .ods, odt doc xls rtf.. this unoconv needs the openoffcie core but anyway, if you don’t need to preview those kind of files, you can ommit installing those, btw, isn’t it marked as recommended?

  5. pdr1 dice:

    I have successfully compiled it on Lucid, can preview a file in the clipboard, but there seems to be no Nautilus integration. No previewing-when-hitting-spacebar thing and no ‘Preview’ item in the right-click menu.

  6. pdr1 dice:

    Ok, I was able to workaround the problem by following the key binding instructions available here:

    But that’s obviously not a very good solution. Is there a better way to integrate it? Maybe use some third party program to create a key combination that will execute both commands (copy the file to the clipboard and then preview it)?

  7. Luis Davim dice:

    Hi! When will the gloobus PPA be ready for lucid?

  8. Marcel dice:


    get it to work. But like pdr1 says there is no key binding. And when i follow the link to fix the key bindig i end up with gloobus saying “theres no file in clipboard”. Can i fix that ?

    please keep on working on that program i love it 😉

  9. marco dice:

    it keeps giving Segmentation Fault if i try to run it when the clipboard is not emply. If the clipboard is empty it start (and tells me the obviously the clipboard is empty).

    I’m stuck.

  10. kuanyui dice:

    Well,I use UNE(Ubuntu for Netbook) and my computer hasn’t enough space to install compile tools.

    Now,Gloobus seems to unavailable in UNE10.04.It doesn’t work no matter how many times I install,uninstall it,and press space button in Nautilus.

  11. Etienne dice:

    Hi, I have a segmentation error when i launch the program with ubuntu 10.04 and the last version. I have tried install reinstall, nothing happen when I use spacebar. On my computer by default when I press space bar it open the folder for example or it lauch the picture viewer. I have also tried with ctrl : ctrl+c then space bar, it open the folder, crtl+C then ctrl+spacebar nothing happen.

    When i lauch the program at the start up, it says there is no pictures in clipboard.

    What do I have to do ?

    I am sure this products could be great if it was working.

    PS: I am a French students so excuse my english errors

    • Etienne dice:

      i have tried somthing other, i install it
      then i launch it with the command line it says to me that there is no…on clipboard so i put ctrl+c on the icon and i restart with the command line and i have this error :
      [CRITICAL] Error loading Plugin: /usr/local/lib/gloobus/ undefined symbol: _ZN5iList12draw_toolbarEP10_GtkWidget

  12. nenelinux dice:

    my dreams come true 😀 now my lucid lynx is perfect … thanks 😀

  13. Kuper dice:

    Hi, this is great but how to compile this without swfdec and openoffice plugin? thanks


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