Covergloobus PPA Problems

Well, it seems that there is something wrong with the covergloobus ppa,
While I try to fix this, here you have the deb packages to install it manually

and, you’ll need to install rsvg package too (will be fixed in covergloobus package)

sudo apt-get install python-rsvg

And let me find out why the the ppa is not working…
Sorry! 😉

17 comentarios el “Covergloobus PPA Problems

  1. notbad dice:

    the PPA works for me. but it doesn’t install all needed dependencies. I needed to install python-rsvg and python-mpd. but also it doesn’t show covers from MPD and I cant change the position of it. after reopening it sets to their defaults: 20×663.

  2. notbad dice:

    also is there a way to try globus-flow in lucid?

  3. d0od dice:

    It seems that the PPA works fine for 64bit users but not 32bit users.

  4. Fabián dice:

    The PPA’s working now for x86 users now. I’ve just installed it.


  5. shiny dice:

    I am on Luicd 64bit.
    Its like @notbad says: I also had to install python-rsvg & python-mpd to make covergloobus start.
    But otherwise it seems to work fine.

  6. Mark dice:


    I installed CoverGloobus but when I double click the icon on my desktop the program doesn´t start. How do I fix this? 🙂



  7. remaster dice:

    Thanks the ppa is now working in x86 architecture!

  8. mrdickie dice:

    I love this piece of software, its most refreshing. Just one question though, is there any plan to include Guayadeque as a music player to ‘listen’ to? This is my music player of choice at the moment which currently has excellent developer support and features.

  9. Maarten dice:

    PPA still not working @ lucid x86_64 here. Devel ppa however is working fine.

  10. IDC dice:

    Nice one.
    Is there any way of resizing the lyrics window? My bad if I’m missing something obvious.

  11. acidrums4 dice:

    I can’t compile it 😦 There is an error (this is my try to translate it to english):

    eel-background.c: In función ‘eel_background_is_dark’:
    eel-background.c:1025: error: not enough argumentos for the function ‘gnome_bg_is_dark’

  12. Budi dice:

    yeah, I got the same problem as acidrums4..
    dont have any idea 😦

  13. hhh dice:

    Hi, I’m trying to get this running on sidux (Debian unstable). I’ve installed the i386 deb and dependencies, but this is what I get when I run covergloobus in terminal…

    /usr/share/covergloobus/ Warning: ‘as’ will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/share/covergloobus/”, line 44, in
    from lyricsearch import LyricSearch
    File “/usr/share/covergloobus/”, line 220
    except Exception as e:
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  14. Raza dice:

    Hi, Im having trouble launching gloobus-preview after the update?? nothing happens when i hit the space bar.. PLZ HELP! im on ubuntu lucid 64 bit and yes i already did sudo apt-get install python-rsvg and mpd, it says its installed to the latest version. I tried .deb file aswell with no luck :/

    please help me out

  15. YoBi dice:

    PPA is not working for me… Ubuntu 32bits 10.10

  16. hells_dark dice:

    same as YoBi.


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