CoverGloobus Icon Poll

Well, there are some days now that we requestes for a CG icon.

Here are the submissions, and as it is a OpenSource comunity, I’ve decided to make a poll to chose on of them.

Here are the options









19 comentarios el “CoverGloobus Icon Poll

  1. d0od dice:

    Bah! My favourite isn’t there!

  2. […] is serious unpartisan stuff folks so vote for your favourite out of the  seven cuts over @ this link (and not just number 7 by Harno […]

  3. ivan90112 dice:

    Can you combine No. 2 and 6 ? I liked it 😀

  4. FabriceV dice:

    An icon that means something (e.g. 2 or 6), but with a better readability (especially 2). Why do not use the square (e.g. 2) but inside an icon that symbolises “reading” (e.g. 6).

  5. Nipuna dice:

    I voted for the second one. But the logo on that CD looks a like the banshee logo. If you could replace that logo with no.6, 3 or 7 I think you will have a winner!

  6. shane dice:

    I don’t use Gloobus because I don’t use Gnome so my opinion is probably not worth much here… But I do consider myself someone with good aesthetic taste, so I thought I’d chime in a thought or two.

    For starters, I wouldn’t go with an icon that included an optical disc. At the risk of sounding like Jobs, it is kind of an outdated media. It also limits the impression a first time user gets… leading them to think Gloobus is in some way tied to optical media. So just from that, I’d eliminate all but 2, 6 and 7.

    Next, the silhouette of a good logo/icon should be instantly recognizable without the extra detailing. Because of that, I’d eliminate 2. There are too many circle icons to make it stand out.

    That leaves 6 and 7 which are both good.

    What I like about 6 is that is very simple. One simple shape easily recognizable even if in silhouette or monochrome. What I don’t like is the ‘Play’ icon in the middle. ‘Play’ is usually associated with audio or video media and Gloobus is more than that. Again, limiting the impression.

    7 is more complicated in terms of the shape. But it does spell out CG. Also works well in silhouette or monochrome. The shapes look a little thin and kind of roughly drawn,… which can be a good thing.

    Overall, I’d pick 6.

  7. Seba dice:

    Hey, here’s my take
    I’m also like number 6 🙂

  8. clicker4721 dice:

    I liked six because it maintains the Gloobus feel, but it also particularly denotes that it relates to music without adding other stuff. Good work.

  9. AW dice:

    #6 looks like a bad rip off of Windows media player….#3 and the Logo from #4 are the best options graphically…

  10. Dread Knight dice:

    I voted 3 and 6. Actually 3 sucks because of that shadow.

    Number 2 is also interesting, but sucks because of the “cd” thingy. Get rid of the dark crappy cd and keep the icon a square and it’s a pure win.

  11. Zack dice:

    I think the logo from #4 is the most original

  12. Mikel dice:

    Is #4 the whole icon including the CD, or is it just the blue circle icon overlaid on top of any media type icon?

    Anything with a CD in it is wrong, if I understand the purpose of Gloobus correctly.

    3, 4 (without CD), 6, and 7 all seem OK to me.

  13. Mikko Rantalainen dice:

    Icon #6 seems best to me. Rationale: any icon should be regognizable from bare silhouette and #6 fills this requirement. Icon #3 seems okay, too, but may be too close to Apple QT icon.


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