Covergloobus 1.7

Hey Guys!

New version of covergloobus available!! this one is the 1.7 it brings a lot of new features:

The most notable ones:

· A really improved configuration panel
· Lenght and position of the current song (For players that support it)
· Clickable Seekbar (For players that support it)


[EDIT] I forgot to tell you that there is the theme “BadChoice3” that shows you how to add those features 😉

You can download as usual

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/covergloobus
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install covergloobus

You can find a better post than mine in OMG! Ubuntu:


8 comentarios el “Covergloobus 1.7

  1. Alumni dice:

    i like it! until now i was using a rhythmbox plugin, but this is way better 🙂 i do however have a wish list:
    – stick to desktop for lyrics: display the lyrics as a desktop widget, without a taskbar button and always under all windows;
    – configurable themes: i am using BadChoice2 and i would like to change the positions of song metadata and seek bar, add a volume bar and remove the song rating controls

  2. CMD dice:

    I notice when some tracks don’t have a cover, the info and cover remain that of the previous track until the next track that has a cover

  3. Harvey dice:

    Will you please support decibel audio player?

  4. carlos dice:

    can you support decibel audio player please?!

  5. Joshua dice:

    What about ubuntu 10.10?
    I’d love to give your software a try but it doesn’t worth bothering if it is not actively maintained.

  6. paran0id dice:

    Source code please? I don’t use Ubuntu…


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