Nautilus extension for Gloobus Preview Available

Since we left nautilus-elementary to work on the new project Marlin

Nautilus, needed something to keep launching gloobus. My surprise when yesterday I opened my mail and I found this:

Hi, i've written an extension for Nautilus that bind 'space' key on
gloobus-preview, its only requisite is nautilus-python
Currently i've tested it on gentoo x86 and amd64 and seems to work fine
without need of clipboard or nautilus patch.

If you want to take a look:
Let me know if you like it or if you want to integrate it in gloobus-
preview project.

Walter Da Col

And of course I want it! so, here we go! we have now an extension for nautilus to launch gloobus-preview with the space key without the need to install nautilus-elementary. I haven’t had time to make the package for it, so if anybody wants to help, you can create the deb and upload it to the ppa, just contact me to know how to do it.

Thanks Walter!!


3 comentarios el “Nautilus extension for Gloobus Preview Available

  1. Sorry but i had to rename website, so now is

    But there’s an ordinary build system now and an archive to easily download&install this extension

  2. DraXus dice:

    It works like a charm. Thank you!

  3. cwl dice:

    I have install that, but key is not bind to gloobus-preview.
    Still open file with default application when I select one file and press .

    I am using ubuntu 10.04, Nautilus 2.30.1.


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