New Web

Hey! Great news! I updated my page with wordpress there, so from now on I’ll post the updates and all the stuff there, so please, update you references to my new webpage,

And to celebrate it, a very interesting post about how is developing games using only free tools it will be a serie of 3 post, in each one I’ll talk about the steps that in game developing process and I’ll talk about the tools I use, how I use them, and using as example, the new game I creted Kill The Zombies (cooming really soon)


New Game Icon

Well, here you have the first image about our next game, its icon!!

So comments are welcome! what would you change?.. do you like it?

In the next days I’ll post more info about the game, but I can assure you it will be a really good one 😀


KillTheZombies Icon

New Game Icon

Escape From Husband

Hey people! Long time without writing a post, I will post more regullary now, since I have great news,

As I said I started with android game development, and the thing went so far that there is a new game here, did you know canabalt? did you like it? so then, here is an android version with a diferent story behind! it is called


When you download the game you’ll find what is it about :D, just look at the screenshots to know a little more about


Escape From Husband Screenshots

Escape From Husband Screenshots


You can download it from here: Escape from Husband in Android Market for just 0.99$, and you’re contributing to the Gloobus applications, so I can work on them again 😉
See you!