Well, In the previous post I did’t upload any image so here it goes, one showing covergloobus working with docky and spotify!!

(and the new theme from d0od)

Hope you like it!

I fixed the bzr error so you can try it now

bzr branch lp:covergloobus
cd covergloobus
sudo make install


Covergloobus 1.5 is out

Changelog 1.5
Esc quits and saves position
Always on top implementation
Drag the widget pressing the mouse 1
Unicode control for lyrics
Lyrics engines as plugin
Theme preview on config
When configuration changed, covergloobus is restarted
Go to webpage in lyrics
Exaile 3 support
Quodlibet support
Listen Support



Enjoy it, and of course, report the bugs you find, blueprints and if you want, donate me something 😉

Looking forward to 0.4.1

Hi People!

I’ve been working so hard these days!! and gloobus-0.4.1 is almost ready to be released, This is just a bug fixing version so it will run much more fine in your computers!

Martin Cesare has been helping me in developing the web and we have it almost finished, I hope we can synchronize web release with 0.4.1 release 😀 anyway, we need a hosting (now we own domain) so if you own a hosting or know a good one, we’re all ears.

Anyway, I’ve been working in covergloobus ( again, I think it needs some love to make it even more useful! Like adding screenshots on the config for a easy theme selection, more lyrics engines, more players supported, and more things, again, if you have any idea to add, please, tell me or just fill up a blueprint 😀

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for you support with my last gloobus version and say that I’ll keep working on it. Looking forward to 0.4.2 version that will have great new features!!!

And of course, remeber that you can support us donating something at:

Donate by PayPal