Gloobus Flow

Hey Guys!
I was wanted to show you this:

Amazing isn’t it?
we’ve been working in the integration of gloobus-flow into nautilus and yeah! its working pretty well now! there are still a lot of things to do/solve, so anybody interested in reporting bugs and these things you know,

In the other hand, to keep us motivated you can still donate us something by going to and you your aportation to free software. And if you know how to code and want to help us fixing little things, talk with us at #gloobus in

I hope you like it and we’re waiting for you comments!!


Well, In the previous post I did’t upload any image so here it goes, one showing covergloobus working with docky and spotify!!

(and the new theme from d0od)

Hope you like it!

I fixed the bzr error so you can try it now

bzr branch lp:covergloobus
cd covergloobus
sudo make install

Gloobus Webpage and new features is now active!!

This will be a centralized point with the information of gloobus, a good description, how to install it, its plugins, how to help us in developing for it and so on, so come on, take a look at it!!

In the other hand, I have 3 new features in gloobus:

1. Translations, thanks for translating gloobus, now in the BZR version translations are working pretty good, I’ll integrate in the ppa really soon!

2. List plugins now uses a gtkTreeView, its the typical gtk view for the lists, it looks much more better than the old way, and now you can sort items by columns 😀

3. Compressed files plugins! It shows a list of the files inside a compressed file. It now supports zip, rar and tar.gz, anyway its really easy to add more filetypes, just send me the command to list the files of a compressed file and I’ll add it (eg: tar -zxf file.tar.gz)

See you!

Gloobus On Fire

While I’ve been working on gloobus preview, kitkat has done some incredible things to gloobus (coverflow). He call his branch gloobus on fire, and as you’ll see on the next video, it’s really on fire!!!!

Note: It is experimental but you can test it here:
bzr branch lp:~am-monkeyd/+junk/gloobus_on_fire

After this exiting video, I’ll tell you more news about gloobus.

Next week its gonna be released the 0.4.1 version (gloobus-preview) that fixes all bugs reported in 0.4 It will be compatible with karmic. There will be nautilus 0.28 patched to, we’ll distribute the normal version and offer the simplified one in another branch so this way there are the two versions.

And remember that you can donate to this incredible project (link in the right bar)


Covergloobus 1.5 is out

Changelog 1.5
Esc quits and saves position
Always on top implementation
Drag the widget pressing the mouse 1
Unicode control for lyrics
Lyrics engines as plugin
Theme preview on config
When configuration changed, covergloobus is restarted
Go to webpage in lyrics
Exaile 3 support
Quodlibet support
Listen Support



Enjoy it, and of course, report the bugs you find, blueprints and if you want, donate me something 😉

A lot of work done these days :D

Hi again, another week, a lot of work done and another feature!

I’ve renamed almost evque ery file in the code so now they follow a more standard rule. I’ve enchanced makefiles and KikKat helped me to solve some Coverflow gloobus (Appeared after porting it to clutter-1.2 and clutter-gtk-0.10)

I’ve created a new interface iFree, that lets the plugin do whatever it wants, without being defined for the parent interface, it will be usefull for plugins that are not movie, images, audio document or text, for example…

TTF Font files preview

Here you have a demo video!


You can get it from the bzr, or wait till the next release 😉

Gloobus Everywhere

I’ve been working in gloobus last days again, and thinking in it I think that is time to make it work along with other apps, for example,

Thunderbird, evolution: to preview the attachments quickly
GTKFileSelector: Before upload a file, or send it to a friend, preview it, the current thumnails are really small to see what’s in, and they don’t work for pdf, music etc..
– your ideas

So I would like what you think of it, where can we include gloobus, and can you develop some extension or something to do it.
Its really easy, just make that space key, launches gloobus-preview /path/to/the/file

Nobody told me about the nautilus extension that lets gloobus be launched with space key!!!

Its really easy to install, in the previous post there are the instructions:

And remember, filetypes supported right now

XCF, PSD, MPG, AVI, MP3, PDF, DOC, ODF, XLS, PPT, ODS, CBR, CBZ, ICNS, TXT, C++, C, JPG, PNG, SVG, FOLDERS, and some more, I’ll put all them in the webpage when it’s ready!!

Now, I’ve been working on a plugin to see the sintaxis on source files, it works now, and in a few days I’ll upload it!!



Hi again! I’ve my flat ok, and I’m back of my holidays so I’m ready to work on gloobus again!!!

I want to create a project webpage but I’d like some help, do you know a free hosting? any of you wants to design the webpage? something like gnome-do (Its really good!!) I’m sure this will help people to know about gloobus.

The second and really interesting: KitKat had developed a patch for nautilus that LAUNCHES GLOOBUS-PREVIEW WITH THE SPACE KEY!! I tried it with my both computers and it works perfectly!

To install it

download the lastest stable nautilus:…-2.26.3.tar.gz

Download kitkat patch (

tar zxvf archive.tar.gz
cd nautilus-2.26.3
patch -p1 < /path_to_my_patch

u ll see the files been patched here

all u have to do is compile nautilus now:

./configure --prefix=/usr


In my ./configure it asked for unique-1.0, so I installed that lib:

apt-get install libunique

Maybe your ./configure asks for more libs, install them all to be able to compile nautilus.

at this step u can already test nautilus by lauching it (close it before if is runing with

nautilus -q

without deleting your distribution version
if u like the patch u can do a make install too

Today I’ll try to solve some bugs in the bugtrack so I familiarize with the code again and then I’ll try to add some new things!!

See you!

Help Needed: Nautilus Actions

Hi guys!
I would like to ask you something,

Could anyone of you develop a nautilus extension (like nautilus-open-terminal) that launches
gloobus directory

and another one that launches

gloobus-preview directory/filename

because I would like to include it in the deb and I prefer wasting my time in the application itself I don’t think it’s hard so I hope you can help me in this.
I’ve gloobus coverflow in a very good state so in a week or two I’ll upload the deb !!! it’s amazing!! HEHEHEHE


And of course.. if you want to donate me something I would appreciate it!