Hi again! I’ve my flat ok, and I’m back of my holidays so I’m ready to work on gloobus again!!!

I want to create a project webpage but I’d like some help, do you know a free hosting? any of you wants to design the webpage? something like gnome-do (Its really good!!) I’m sure this will help people to know about gloobus.

The second and really interesting: KitKat had developed a patch for nautilus that LAUNCHES GLOOBUS-PREVIEW WITH THE SPACE KEY!! I tried it with my both computers and it works perfectly!

To install it

download the lastest stable nautilus:…-2.26.3.tar.gz

Download kitkat patch (

tar zxvf archive.tar.gz
cd nautilus-2.26.3
patch -p1 < /path_to_my_patch

u ll see the files been patched here

all u have to do is compile nautilus now:

./configure --prefix=/usr


In my ./configure it asked for unique-1.0, so I installed that lib:

apt-get install libunique

Maybe your ./configure asks for more libs, install them all to be able to compile nautilus.

at this step u can already test nautilus by lauching it (close it before if is runing with

nautilus -q

without deleting your distribution version
if u like the patch u can do a make install too

Today I’ll try to solve some bugs in the bugtrack so I familiarize with the code again and then I’ll try to add some new things!!

See you!

Help Needed: Nautilus Actions

Hi guys!
I would like to ask you something,

Could anyone of you develop a nautilus extension (like nautilus-open-terminal) that launches
gloobus directory

and another one that launches

gloobus-preview directory/filename

because I would like to include it in the deb and I prefer wasting my time in the application itself I don’t think it’s hard so I hope you can help me in this.
I’ve gloobus coverflow in a very good state so in a week or two I’ll upload the deb !!! it’s amazing!! HEHEHEHE


And of course.. if you want to donate me something I would appreciate it!

Gloobus-Preview 0.03.2 (NOW IN DEB)

If the key combo doesn’t run, just run these two command from a terminal:

gconftool-2 -s --type string /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1 "gloobus-preview"
gconftool-2 -s --type string /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_1 "<Control>space"

Hey Guys!
I’ve released a new version of gloobus-preview, now in deb package so it’s very easy to install. And it adds the keybinding too!

Too run it: ctrl+c, then ctrl+space

– Polymorphism in Interface and plugins
– added “make plugins” in makefile so they all can be compiled with one line (For changes in interface.cpp/ interface.h)
– Launch the default application with “enter” key
– Added Subtitles (.srt) preview
– Added Close Button
– Added iMovie Plugin !!
– Create GloobusWin class so now its easy to create windows
– Menu added (Blog, Donate, Report Bug, Quit)
– Seek Bars in both iMusic and iMovie

And you can download it from here:

Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1 RELEASE

Hi!! as I said, here you have new Gloobus-Preview Release!!!

ChangeLog Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1
– iComic (cbz and cbr)
– iPdf solved som bugs
– Shadow in the application
– iMp3 with ogg support
– iDocument fixed a very annoing warning
– iFolder

Installation Instructions Inside the file! (32bits and 64bits versions)

Download Link:

(It is also in launchpad but I can see the dowload count here)



Hey guys!! Good news! I’ve found that nowplaying screenlet is not working anymore as expected, and well, screenlets has been abandoned so I decided to create CoverGloobus, a standalone application to see what is playing in the your favourite music player!!

Now it only works for banshee and the ratings are still not 100% working!! but well, I’m in good progress

I also want it to be compatible with NowPlaying themes.

I must say thanks to magicrobotmonkey and Whise cause I used their code a lot!!

Here you have a screenshoot!covergloobus