Game Development Using Free Tools (Part3)

Here you have the 3th entry of the Game Development series!


Escape From Husband

Hey people! Long time without writing a post, I will post more regullary now, since I have great news,

As I said I started with android game development, and the thing went so far that there is a new game here, did you know canabalt? did you like it? so then, here is an android version with a diferent story behind! it is called


When you download the game you’ll find what is it about :D, just look at the screenshots to know a little more about


Escape From Husband Screenshots

Escape From Husband Screenshots


You can download it from here: Escape from Husband in Android Market for just 0.99$, and you’re contributing to the Gloobus applications, so I can work on them again 😉
See you!