New Preview Progress

Hi Again!!

Progress in the new preview application!!

Now I can load MP3 and render text in a scrollable window, this text can be colored if a parser is used (I won’t do this by now, so if anyone of you wants… there is a plugin for osx quicklook that does it.. I just need a gtkbuffertext) i can be coded as a plugin.

When I have all this more stable I’ll post a developer guide on how to develop plugins, like I said now is very easy!!!! very very, for example, to develop a plugin that just shows an image (gimp, psd or whatever) the plugin must inhert the class iImage and develop the funciton GtkPixbuf * get_pixbuf(); easy as this!!

For a text, the same, just develop a plugin that inherts iText and has the a function GtkTextBuffer * get_text_buffer();

For Mp3.. well two more functions inhert class iMusic and have get_pixbuf(); play_music(), stop_music(), get_artist(), get_album()… do you get it?

Here you have the two screenshots:

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