Gloobus On Fire

While I’ve been working on gloobus preview, kitkat has done some incredible things to gloobus (coverflow). He call his branch gloobus on fire, and as you’ll see on the next video, it’s really on fire!!!!

Note: It is experimental but you can test it here:
bzr branch lp:~am-monkeyd/+junk/gloobus_on_fire

After this exiting video, I’ll tell you more news about gloobus.

Next week its gonna be released the 0.4.1 version (gloobus-preview) that fixes all bugs reported in 0.4 It will be compatible with karmic. There will be nautilus 0.28 patched to, we’ll distribute the normal version and offer the simplified one in another branch so this way there are the two versions.

And remember that you can donate to this incredible project (link in the right bar)


Covergloobus 1.5 is out

Changelog 1.5
Esc quits and saves position
Always on top implementation
Drag the widget pressing the mouse 1
Unicode control for lyrics
Lyrics engines as plugin
Theme preview on config
When configuration changed, covergloobus is restarted
Go to webpage in lyrics
Exaile 3 support
Quodlibet support
Listen Support



Enjoy it, and of course, report the bugs you find, blueprints and if you want, donate me something 😉