John Stowers (Blog) and Me have been working on gloobus integration in nautilus, here you can se our progress


Remember that you can donate us here:

Gloobus 0.4

Again, new version, now you can download and test the coverflow, Coverflow is still not very stable and well working, but is fair enough, if you see bugs fill them in launchpad 😉

You can download here:

Installation instructions:

1. Install gloobus-preview

2. Install gloobus

3. Import the *.schemas into nautilus actions (For menu entries)

4. Add the keybinginds (Here’s a complete guide on how to bind the key)


5. Enjoy!

6. Donate!!

Help Needed: Nautilus Actions

Hi guys!
I would like to ask you something,

Could anyone of you develop a nautilus extension (like nautilus-open-terminal) that launches
gloobus directory

and another one that launches

gloobus-preview directory/filename

because I would like to include it in the deb and I prefer wasting my time in the application itself I don’t think it’s hard so I hope you can help me in this.
I’ve gloobus coverflow in a very good state so in a week or two I’ll upload the deb !!! it’s amazing!! HEHEHEHE


And of course.. if you want to donate me something I would appreciate it!